Laboratory of Sensory Perception 


How do we perceive objects and events? How does the brain optimize our ability to detect and discriminate? How do we volitionally control our sensations, and what goes awry when this ability is impaired and our perceptions are altered?

To address these questions we study neurobiological mechanisms that control the perceptions of touch and pain.

An underlying theme in our studies is an integrative approach focusing on cellular, network, computational and behavioral correlates of neuronal information processing. To learn more about our research, visit our Projects page, or view our Publications. To view the members of our laboratory, please visit the People page.

Contact and Directions 

Contact me by email, or at 410-706-7307.

Directions to our lab.

We’re at 685 W. Baltimore Street. Use on-street parking, or the Baltimore Grand Garage. Call the lab (6-7307) from the security station at the entrance to the building.